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Zilmet Ultra-Pro Vessel Sales Pass Two Million With Jet Engine Precision

A leading expansion vessel has passed the two million mark in sales just after reaching its 20th birthday.

Zilmet’s Ultra-Pro expansion vessel is specifically designed for unvented potable systems to deal with increased water volume resulting from heat expansion and was originally launched back in 2001.

The Ultra-Pro has also been key in reducing issues of “water hammer”, as well as reducing the number of pump operations or the duration of pump runs.

Stuart Gizzi, Director at Zilmet, said: “The product’s adaptability, reliability and sustainability have helped it endure, with consistent sales over two decades now topping two million. It has definitely earned the reputation of the market leader.

“One thing that can only be proven over time is reliability, and Zilmet vessels are extremely reliable.

“Out of the two million that we have sold, the number of units returned is less than 100. That number includes those that may have been mis-delivered, or damaged in transit and means that the failure rate is less than 0.005% overall.

“It’s difficult to imagine numbers so big or so small, but that failure rate is comparable with commercial jet engines.

“We always strive to improve and innovate - the Ultra-Pro is proof of just how adaptable and forward thinking we have been since the beginning.

“I am particularly proud of the longevity of this product - to reach two million sales is fantastic but to have consistent sales over the course of two decades is an incredible achievement.”

Zilmet is one of Europe's biggest manufacturers of high quality expansion vessels and heat exchangers, with production facilities, branches and distribution centres spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Its long term focus lies in the research and development of new products, together with devising original, innovative solutions for its customers, reliably.


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