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A business that specialises in customising vans and trucks has relocated to a new 20,000 sq ft facility in Hinckley.

Vehicle Lining Services had outgrown its premises in Aston, Birmingham as its business continued to expand thanks to the strength of the van market and new technologies becoming available.

The business began in the 1980’s, installing traditional protective ply lining for load space in vans.

This remains a core activity of the business, which has also expanded to work on much more complex projects offering a wide range of commercial vehicle accessories.

Working with both small and large vehicle fleet customers, their offering also includes the installation of cameras and equipment required under the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS), designed to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

The move to Hinckley has also created several new skilled jobs in the area and the company is still looking for CAD technicians, vehicle electricians, warehouse operatives and people with experience of general vehicle engineering.

Robert Spittle, Managing Director of Guest Motors Limited, the company behind Vehicle Lining Services said: “Hinckley is geographically a great location and this move gives us the extra space to operate comfortably as well as room to grow.

“During the pandemic, demand for home delivery has grown along with the demand for delivery vehicles, all of which need to be fitted out to meet specific operators requirements.

“The move has meant a £250,000 investment for us and we will continue to invest as the business continues to grow.”

PR by Reeves Public Relations agency in Birmingham and Newcastle.

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