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An expert in workplace wellbeing has encouraged office staff that are currently working from home to follow a series of tips to boost productivity and stabilize mental wellbeing.

The Coronavirus situation has resulted in thousands of people working from home for the first time after Government instructions to do so where possible.

Victoria Davidson, Naturopathic Doctor and Wellbeing Lead at healthcare rm, has advised that workers try to maintain a regular routine, create a dedicated space for work and set aside time for keeping on top of the news.

Established by healthcare professionals in 2000, Tewkesbury-based healthcare rm is the leading workplace integrated health service provider, working with leading global brands and SMEs across the UK.

Victoria said: “During such uncertain times, carrying on with ‘business as usual’ may seem a lot easier said than done.

“For some people, working from home is ideal and for others, it’s a nightmare.

“As a business, we are trusted to provide solutions for large companies in situations such as this.

“My personal tips include sharing ideas with your colleagues on how to adjust to your new workplace and designating an office space within the home, which will improve your productivity.

“Self-care is going to be crucial, especially if this goes on longer than we anticipate.

“Taking regular breaks throughout the day and making the most of the extra time you save by not commuting will give you a sense of routine and personal growth, especially if you focus on exercise or a hobby that improves your mental wellbeing.

“It is easy for us all to get wrapped up in negative headlines, so that is a major challenge.

“I would advise that you set some time aside to keep abreast of the latest developments and then move on, rather than letting stress build by constantly checking social media or TV for updates.”

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