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As fun as April Fools Day is for people of all ages and interests, it’s also a great opportunity for brands to generate some buzz with a well thought out joke.

Unfortunately with all the uncertainty in the world right now, it didn’t feel quite right taking part this year- but here are some of our favourite brand pranks from previous years. We hope they’ll bring some laughter to your day! In no particular order…

Tinder: The Height Verification Badge 2019

Tinder vowed to put a stop to the ‘height-fishing’ once and for all. Many people seemed to love the idea but a few demanded a weight verification badge too…

Google: Google Play for Pets 2017

Google introduced the solution to a pet owner’s ‘leaving-the-house-guilt’. The ad showcased a selection of games and training tools suitable for cats, dogs, chicken and even tortoise...

Paddy Power: World’s 1st Seahorse Race 2017

Paddy Power announced they would be sponsoring the world’s 1st seahorse race. They even shared a clip of the race in a broadcast ‘live from aquarium’...

Finally, we thought we’d share some favourites from our own April Fools pranks on behalf of our clients…

Conference Aston: Nudist Event 2016

Conference Aston announced they were preparing for the ‘National Un-Dressed Exhibition’ (NUDE).

To avoid offending devout nudists, they vowed to remove 163 wardrobes and all dressing gowns from bedrooms.

They also teased the menu of meatballs and mackerel, as well as details of a gardening tutorial set to take place in the Great Hall.

Intatec: Urgent Logo Overhaul 2011

Anti-scald shower specialist, Intatec, announces an urgent overhaul of its logo, after a study by Italian branding guru, Dr Nome Sciocco, revealed the colour red in a logo was an ill choice for any businesses involved in hot water.

Intatec’s managing director, Stuart Gizzi, described the situation as a ‘rainbow rollercoaster’ and attempted to put an end to the scandal by deciding to ‘cascade each of the suggested colours throughout the year, coming back to the original red in time for Christmas’.

Translating Dr Nome Sciocco from Italian gives away a big clue.

Nuco: Self-Destructing Notepad 2017

Nuco introduced the solution to all information vulnerable to hacking and code-cracking: the Nu: Agent. It was said to be a nuclear notepad, developed with secret service agents to protect all confidential information from prying eyes.

The interior pages were supposedly made from indestructible stone paper, making it both waterproof and a non-tear surface. The Nu: Agent was even equipped with a bulletproof sleeve and would implode if an intruder attempted to bypass the invisible, military-grade security system.

The part about indestructible stone paper is true.

Watch the Nu: Agent in action here:

PR by Reeves Public Relations agency in Birmingham and Newcastle

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