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RE Davies Builds for Future with Quadruple S-WAY Purchase

A haulage specialist has invested in four IVECO S-WAY trucks as it expands and updates its fleet.

RE Davies, based in Cotes Heath, Staffordshire, specialises in the transportation of refrigerator systems to supermarkets, with clients across the UK.

Starting as a one-man operation back in 2008, the business, led by owner Richard Davies, now has a staff of 13 and a total of nine vehicles including the recent acquisition of the four S-WAY’s, facilitated by Sherwood Truck and Van.

Richard said: “Our fleet has been around five vehicles for a couple of years now and the majority of those were hired.

“I decided that now was the right time to really invest in trucks that were going to last and put us at an advantage in terms of delivering for our clients and helping our drivers perform to the best of their ability.

“After speaking with Sherwood Truck and Van, the IVECO S-WAY seemed like the perfect option and we decided to really commit with the purchase of four.

“So far, the feedback from our drivers has been excellent.”

Richard’s son, Tom Davies, works as a driver for the company and has travelled across the UK, including trips to Scotland and Wales, within the first week of receiving his new S-WAY.

Tom said: “The S-WAY has been perfect for every journey I've taken so far, the tech side runs smoothly and it does really well on fuel.

“I’ve been driving for three years, this is my fourth truck and this is smoother and comfier than the others.

“It looks the part too, you really do get attention travelling in this and it’s been good for business - we see photographs popping up online from truck enthusiasts all of the time now.”

Sherwood Truck and Van assisted RE Davies in getting their S-WAY’s perfectly aligned with their requirements, with options including colour coded rear and cab wings, a painted front grille, DVS camera system, cab roof lights, alloy wheels and 24inch Hadley air horns just some of the extras added.

Jeremy Hulme, Business Development Manager at Sherwood, said: “RE Davies is a business focused on quality, for its customers and its drivers, so the S-WAY is the perfect choice for them.

“We are delighted to hear such positive feedback from them and our wider client base on the S-WAY so far.”


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