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A disinfection and sterilization system used in sectors such as healthcare and food production is being launched on a wider scale by a new business partnership, creating an initial 25 jobs.

Sutton Coldfield based Nexus has teamed up with BioDecon, based in York, offering deep cleaning and sterilisation throughout the UK, utilising their mobile teams ready for when office staff currently working from home return to their regular routine, as well as attending workplaces staffed by essential workers who have to remain at their posts during the crisis.

The effects of this deep clean, using patented technology, include complete inactivation of MERS and SARS like viruses including the Coronavirus (CoViD-19).

Nexus is owned by Willenhall based Fortel, who chose their neighbours, nursery Tiny Talents, as the first to receive a complimentary deep clean in a bid to assist staff and key workers whose children are being looked after at the site.

This is one of many free-of-charge deep cleans being arranged to maximise training opportunities and as part of the company’s commitment towards improving social value within the community.

The partnership has already seen high demand from within the construction industry, where a lot of sites are continuing to operate in line with Government guidance.

New staff recruitment is underway, with training being given in deep cleaning techniques.

The cleaning is then carried out using patented TOMI | SteraMist ® technology created by Beverly Hills company TOMI.

The unique approach means that offices and other workplaces can be deep cleaned and sterilized without any equipment being damaged, with no need for a wipe down afterwards as no residue is left.

Jot Engelbrecht, Managing Director at Nexus, said: “The highest level of sterilization and decontamination is clearly going to be at the forefront of business leader’s thinking going forward.

“We are proud to be launching this service with a number of selected complimentary deep cleans to organisations that contribute to their community and are close to our heart.

“On a wider scale, staff are going to want to feel safe when they return to work and this is one contribution in achieving that.

“The quick turnaround and lack of intrusion will be key factors for a lot of companies.”

The value used for measuring the effectiveness of reducing pathogens is called ‘Log Reductions’, with this service offering the highest quality - Level Six - meaning that 99.9999% of pathogens are killed by the technology used.

PR by Reeves Public Relations agency in Birmingham and Newcastle

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