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Leading heating and plumbing product manufacturer Inta has unveiled its latest HIU - the Hiper II.

The original Hiper proved a huge success for Inta, thanks to its compact size, practicality, reliability and value for money.

Benefits of the Hiper II include its electronic PID control unit, which provides constant monitoring of the system and the Modbus communications system, which provides easy-to-understand feedback for users.

Further features such as optimised heating functions, auto-fault diagnostics and pay as you go (prepayment) switching make the Hiper II one of the most user-friendly HIUs on the market.

Performance is a key selling point too, as proven by the Hiper II’s successful BESA tests.

These results are achieved due to the use of hydro blocks and the Hiper design, which reduces pipework to a bare minimum.

Stuart Gizzi, Director at Intatec, said: “The Hiper II follows on from the successful Hiper HIU, which proved incredibly popular.

“This takes the key features from that model and takes them to the next level, improving functionality and performance.”

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