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A first-of-its-kind hybrid van has been launched to offer users unlimited range alongside fuel and emissions savings.

A partnership between Astra Vehicle Technologies and Sherwood Truck and Van has resulted in the creation of the first plug-in Hybrid Iveco 3.5 tonne Daily panel van, with the vehicle now going into trial and demonstration stage with organisations across the country.

Its creators believe it is the only hybrid product available to cover the full Iveco Daily range from 3.5 tonne to 7.2 tonne GVW currently on offer in Europe.

The vehicle’s Euro 6 diesel engine removes range anxiety for drivers, while it's pure electric mode allows zero-emission driving and therefore compliant access to the various zero-emission or clean air zones currently being introduced around the country.

John Chadderton, Director at Astra Vehicle Technologies, said: “We are excited to have delivered the UK’s first hybrid Iveco Daily, to the stage where it will be trialled by companies who are keen to pursue reductions in their carbon footprint.

“This intelligent and highly efficient vehicle will give operators the best of both worlds, removing the range anxiety of fully electric vehicles while bringing significant overall fuel and environmental benefits in the electric vehicle and hybrid modes of operation.”

As a plug-in hybrid, primary battery charging is organised via the onboard charging equipment, and completed during vehicle downtime, but if required the vehicle can also recharge batteries whilst driving.

Combining diesel and electric power allows the vehicle to travel long distances using traditional power, saving its electric charge to be able to work purely on battery power within restricted areas.

In electric-only ‘EV’ mode, a minimum zero-emission range of 30 miles at speeds up to 50mph is provided by a 20kWh battery pack.

The Hybrid Control Unit, co-ordinates the use of the electric motor with the diesel engine, whilst sophisticated software and an intuitive driver interface makes the hybrid experience simple and effective for drivers, allowing them to switch between power sources with ease.

On-board technology uses GPS geo-fencing to detect when a driver is entering a green zone and can automatically switch to pure electric mode.

The first demonstrator is based on a 3.5 tonne Iveco Daily panel van, but Hybrid configurations are available now for the full Iveco Daily size range up to 7.2 tonne GVW, in both van and chassis cab variants.

Nick Pemberton, Director at Sherwood Truck and Van, said: “Working with Astra has been productive and we are happy with the new Hybrid vehicle. We are also looking forward to demonstrating full-electric conversions, similarly for the whole of the Iveco Daily range up to 7.2 tonne.

“In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing what customers think and what feedback we get about the Hybrid version.”

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