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The adventure and all-road motorcycle market is fragmenting with exciting new niches and segments giving riders more choice than ever. Adventure bikes are becoming favourites of commuters and long-distance tourers, not just off-road thrill-seekers, and the hypersport market has expanded to include naked and scrambler bikes that have the DNA of their superbike cousins. More than ever, tyre choice is critical to ensure every type of rider can maximise the performance and usability of their bikes.

That’s why Dunlop is debuting a ‘double-launch’ of two brand-new multi-terrain tyres, the Mutant and the Trailmax Meridian. Both are hitting the market ahead of the 2020 riding season.

Trailmax Meridian: Stronger for Longer

In a highly competitive adventure motorcycle tyre market, the growing number of powerful on/off-road bikes pose a fascinating challenge for tyre designers. Riders expect long-distance durability, hypersport handling, high mileage and also considerable off-road ability. Essentially, the tyre has to do everything brilliantly on ever more powerful heavyweight machines including the BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, Suzuki V-Strom and Triumph Tiger.

For more details on the Trailmax Meridian:

Mutant: designed for all conditions

Taking Dunlop’s knowledge from trail, supermoto, wet racing and touring tyres, the Dunlop Mutant is a concept tyre that has become reality. The recipe of combining the best features from the range of tyres in Dunlop’s vast portfolio has led to the launch of a genuine ‘crossover’ tyre. Supermoto and wet racing experience gives confidence in cold and wet conditions but combined with sports handling and touring durability.

Bringing all-season, all-road versatility to over 370 different bike models from naked roadsters and scramblers to big-capacity adventurers, the Mutant combines the handling and stability of a hypersport tyre with awesome grip in wet weather conditions and startling off-road ability.

For more technical details on the Mutant:

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