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Birmingham Agency Partners with D&I and Sustainability Consultants

Image: Bradley Meersand, Director of Operations at Reeves Media, with Sharon Slinger, Reeves Media D&I Consultant

A Birmingham creative agency has partnered with expert consultants on two major societal issues to help deliver greater tangible impact to its clients.

Recognising the ever increasing corporate spotlight on Diversity & Inclusion and Environment & Sustainability, Reeves Media will now work with specialist consultants in these areas to provide clients with a greater understanding of how relevant business practices and strategies can be implemented.

This insight will underpin Reeves Media’s communication strategies relevant to these topics while ensuring clients are taking appropriate steps internally to become more sustainable and inclusive.

Sharon Slinger, who provides Diversity & Inclusion consultancy through her business Constructing Rainbows, will work with Reeves Media, alongside an Environmental Consultant who works with businesses on their sustainability strategies.

Bradley Meersand, Director of Operations at Reeves Media, said: “We are partnering with experts in their field, with a track record of providing priceless insight to their clients and their industries as well as facilitating real change.

“We see that our clients are no longer focused only on issues specific to their sector, the lines between business and society have never been more connected.

“This is a real positive from our perspective, so we wanted to ensure that we aren’t just talking up our clients' work without a real understanding of whether their actions with regard to diversity, inclusion and sustainability are effective and appropriate.

“It is becoming increasingly important that organisations across all sectors are responsible and ethical and work with organisations whose values reflect that.

“A brand isn’t simply a logo and a colour palette anymore, it is who you are and what you stand for.

“We want to create content with purpose that can lead to real industry, environmental and societal change.”

The Reeves team has already worked with its new partners to deliver specialist training programmes within the construction industry as well as informing high profile public environmental consultations and has other projects underway.

Sharon Slinger, Founder of Constructing Rainbows, said: “Many businesses now understand the business benefits of being inclusive and are looking to reflect that in their external brand, but sadly sometimes we see little substance behind claims made.

“The partnering arrangement between Constructing Rainbows and Reeves Media, ensures that a business is working towards an internal culture that is reflective of their external messaging.”

Reeves Media has also recently expanded its team and have kickstarted plans for growth and investment over the next two years.

The agency was formed in 2009 by Managing Director Clive Reeves and operates from Colmore Row in Birmingham city centre.


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